2016 AFL Team Stats

Over the next two weeks, we will highlight the statistics of the 18 AFL teams and chart the progress of the Top 100 game players and goal kickers of each team.

Today we start with Adelaide and Brisbane:

Adelaide’s Scott Thompson had a stellar year and remains the only Top 10 players still at the club. He currently sits at number 8, and a reasonable season in 2017 could see him move up three positions to number 5 on the list, passing Mark Bickley, Simon Goodwin and Nigel Smart.
Nathan van Berlo finished 13th on the Adelaide Crow all time list and is likely to be overtaken by Richard Douglas next year.
David Mackay, the only other Top 20 player (currently 17th) should be joined in the Top 20 by Rory Sloane next year.
At the other end of the list, Jake Lever and Kyle Cheney just managed to sneak into equal 100th position at the end of the club’s finals campaign.

Goal kicking wise, Andrew Taylor is firmly entrenched in 2nd place on the Crow’s all time list, whilst the exciting Eddie Betts is currently equal 8th with Tyson Edwards and – surprisingly – only manage to claim the position outright over the coming season.
Four other current day Crows feature in the Top 20 goal kickers for the club (Josh Jenkins, Scott Thompson, Richard Douglas and Tom Lynch) and all should make steady progress up the list next year.

At Brisbane, Daniel Merrett became the 12th Lions player to reach 200 games. He retired at the end of the season on exactly that number, and in 12th position on the club’s all time list.
No other player is in the Top 20, although Daniel Rich, Tom Rockcliffe and Pearce Hanley (if they remain at the club) should be Top 20 by the end of 2017.

Goal wise, Josh Green, Dayne Zorko and Daniel Rich are all Top 20, but will struggle to become Top 10 by the end of the next season.


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