2016 Club Team Stats

We continue our series on the 2016 all time game and goal champions for each club, and tonight it is Essendon and Fremantle’s turn.

The suspension of many of the top players at the club over the doping scandal meant that we had to dig a long way into the Top 100 Game players and goal kickers until we reached the one player (David Zaharakis) who appeared on both lists at the start of the year.

By the end of the year, he had risen to equal 72nd game player with Robin Close and Merv Neagle.

He has been joined in the Top 100 game players by Courtney Dempsey who snuck into the list in equal 97th place with Carl Hooker.

In the club goal kicking list, young forward Joe Daniher burst into the list, passing Zaharakis , (who sits in 73rd Position),kicking his 100th goal and finishing up in 66th position on the club’s all time list of goal kickers.

In sharp contrast, Fremantle ( a much “newer” club) had 9 of the Top 20 game players of all time still playing: The now retired Matthew Pavlich at #1, David Mundy #2, Aaron Sandilands (equal #3) Michael Johnson #7, Chris Mayne and Stephen Hill equal #11, Grant Ibbotson #14, Nick Suban #18, and Haydn Ballantyne #19.

Although a number of these (if they remain at the club) will move much higher up the ranks, it will be a good 5 years before anyone comes even close to matching Matthew Pavlich’s magnificent service to the club.

Similarly, his goal kicking total of exactly 700 goals will take a lot of running down, as #3 on the goal kicking list Haydn Ballantyne is over 450 goals behind!   Other to feature on the club’s list include Chris Mayne, #4, Michael Walters #6, Stephen Hill and Nat Fyfe at #15, David Mundy #17, and Aaron Sandilands at  #19


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