2016 Stats for Port Adelaide and Richmond

Two also ran teams for 2016 nonetheless still had statistical highlights. At Port Adelaide, Justin Westoff became the 7th player to achieve the 200 game milestone. Travis Boak finished just one game short of the milestone in 8th position. The (now retired) Alipate Carlile and also Robbie Gray  made it into the Top 20 Power players of all time in 14th and 18th positions respectively.

Three of these players (Justin Westoff #3, Robbie Gray #6 and Travis Boak #14 also made it into the Club’s Top 20 goal kickers, along with Jay Schulz (who was not offered a new contract) at #2 and Chad Wingard at #8.

For Richmond, nine current players now feature in the Top 100 game players of all time at the club, but only one of these (Brett Delidio #16) makes the Top 20! It is a similar position with the leading goal kickers for Richmond, with only Jack Riewoldt #6 making it into the Top 20.

Ty Vickery, who is now the subject of trade rumours, made it into the Top 100 game players at Richmond in the last game of the year.  In doing so, he resulted in a group of former champions who were tied in 100th place being no longer eligible for the Top 100 party: Fred Burge (who retired 66 years ago), John Northey, Bruce Monteith, Maurice Rioli and Jason Torney.


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