The Final Two: Bulldogs & Swans

After the most exciting and best grand finals of all time, we can now sum up the year in statistics of the final two teams, Western Bulldogs and Sydney.
Both teams had exceptionally good years with Sydney having 8 of the 9 current day players in the Top 100 game players of all time. The one to miss out was Ted Richards, who played 228 games for the club and retired in 17th position on the list. Jarrod McVeigh proved he was over his injury and lined up for his 287th game for the club. This meant he was equal 4th highest game player with Ryan O’Keefe.
Goal kicking wise, Lance Franklin kicked one in the grand final and this was enough for him to sneak into the Top 20 goal kickers for the Swans, equal 20th with Peter Reville.
For the Western Bulldogs, the injury suffered by Captain Robert Murphy has been well documented as it kept him out of the team for nearly the whole season and – as a consequence – he was unable to climb above his current position of #7 on the club’s list.
During the year, Matthew Boyd continued to provide stellar support to the club and – as a result – climbed to 8th position on the list equal with Tony Libratore (father of the current day player).
Dale Morris also finished in the Top 20 game players for the club in 14th position.
The Western Bulldogs had no high goal kickers amongst their ranks, so one made it into the club’s Top 20 goal kickers of all time. However with such an exciting group of young players, it would appear to be a matter of time before names such as Tom Boyd, Luke Dahlhaus, Marcus Bontempelli and Tory Dickson make their presence felt!


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