Random Thoughts After The Grand Final

  • Go Dogs!
  • Seriously, watching that game was insane. It was possibly one of the best games that I’ve ever watched.
  • Although, how much of that is just because my team won their first grand final in 62 years?
  • It takes a bit of effort to put a ‘read more’ tag in a list on WordPress. But you can do it.
  • I didn’t think we’d do it this year. If you look at my preseason predictions (review post incoming), I tipped the Dogs to lose an elimination final to Richmond.
  • Speaking of Richmond, they now have the longest Grand Final drought. Use that to annoy all of your Richmond supporting friends.
  • There are 1,197 photos in the AFL Photos gallery for the Grand Final. (I’m using one of their photos for the cover. Good on ’em for taking it.)
  • You really feel sorry for Tom Papley right there.
  • The team with the longest premiership drought is now Melbourne.
  • My uncle Jordie didn’t want the Bulldogs to win, because otherwise St Kilda would be alone in the ‘one premiership a long time ago’ club. He’s a St Kilda fan.
  • Luke Beveridge, by winning percentage, is the fourth best coach in the AFL: AFL coaches.png
  • (The coaches are ordered by their winning percentage, with Chris Scott, the coach with the best record, at the left, and Alan Richardson, the coach with the worst percentage, at the right. Also, an asterisk indicates that they coached other clubs.)
  • Had the game ended after eight minutes, Sam Naismith would have won the Norm Smith, by our reckoning.
  • None of the seven participating in our tipping competition had Johannisen for Norm Smith.
  • Most of us, when watching, thought it would be Liam Picken.
  • We were riding Picken’s success, because we were in Hamilton, the place he originated from.
  • I’d picked Lance Franklin for Norm Smith.
  • When Franklin went off early in the game, my dad came up with the idea that he’d broken a shoelace and had to get it replaced. My dad’s a bit of a lateral thinker.
  • The Herald Sun cannot talk about Sydney without mentioning Franklin.
  • I thought for once we would have a Grand Final without Luke Hodge, but then Seven goes and puts him as a special commentator!
  • You have to feel really sorry for Bob Murphy. He had the chance to go down in history as a premiership captain in a drought breaking win, but he injured his ACL.
  • Yet more reason to dislike Hawthorn.
  • When they overturned the goal in the last quarter, I thought the Bulldogs were cursed.
  • There was no way the video evidence was conclusive.
  • Jordie won the tipping competition, because he picked Picken for most goals.
  • Josh Kennedy played unbelievably well.
  • After the Bulldogs won, I ran down the street to the local park, waving my scarf in the air, yelling, “Go Dogs!” It was pretty great.
  • Cricket season now.
  • Woof.

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