After the trade period…

As it does each year (but maybe not as frenetic this year), the completion of the trade period has resulted in some interesting moves, with the move of Ty Vickery from Richmond to Hawthorn being one of the more interesting ones.  Vickery snuck into the Top 100 game players at Richmond for all time in the final game of the season, dislodging four former champions sitting precariously in 100th position!  His reign in the elite at Richmond is likely to be short lived, however as Brandon Ellis should replace him half way through the 2017 season.  The sensation, however was the move of the Hawk's all time #3 game player to West Coast, and the loss of the #11 (equal) player Jordan Lewis to Melbourne. Other Top 20 game players to change clubs were: Travis Cloke #13 (equal) at Collingwood, Chris Mayne #11 (equal) at Fremantle Daniel Wells #14 at North Melbourne and Brett Delidio #16 at Richmond.

On the overall games played list, the Top 3 current players (Harvey, Pavlich and Enright) have all retired, along with Jimmy Bartel, whilst two others (Nick del Santo and Drew Petrie) hope to continue their careers at new clubs in 2017.  Either way, there will be less Top 100 players for we stats nuts to follow in 2017 as only 3 players (Boyd, Johnson and Montagna) are possible replacements on the list in 2017.
Goal kicking wise, the two retirees (Matthew Pavlich #22 and Brent Harvey #55) should be replaced by years end by Ablett and LeCras.

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