A-League 2016-17 – Two A-Leaguers

Game of the Week – Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory

The Big Blue is always a highly-fought game, and both teams are in cracking form. Sydney FC haven’t conceded a goal yet in the season, and Melbourne Victory are fresh off dismantling Wellington 6-1, including a Besart Berisha hat trick. The winner of this game will no doubt be a title contender.

Mini-Article – The Role of the A-League

Ange Postecoglou announced his squad for the Socceroos’ World Cup qualifier against Thailand recently. Two out of Postecoglou’s twenty-three man squad play in the A-League.

This looks like it would be ground for concern. When the national league, the main breeding ground for soccer in your country, is able to contribute just two players to the national side, it makes you think something is seriously wrong with soccer in that country.

Don’t be too concerned by this, though. Australia has never been a soccer country. Unless something major happens, we will never be a soccer country.

Most good A-League players will eventually go on to play in Europe, or, increasingly, China. These are the main sources of Postecoglou’s squad.

We shouldn’t take this as a downside to Australian soccer. We should aim to strengthen the A-League so that it becomes an attractive place for not only Australians, but only foreigners, to play. A stronger A-League would make a stronger Australian team.

Chart V – Longest Time Without Conceding

This is an expanded version of the stat that I had in my last post. I’ve gotten every team that didn’t concede in their first three games, and threw them together on a chart. Measured by total minutes without conceding, sourced from Ultimate A-League.



I’m really hitting my stride at this point. I got three out of five last week, giving me a total of nine out of 20. If only I knew how that compared with the experts.

Here are my predictions for this week.

A-League Week 5.png


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