A-League 2016-17 – Election-Day-Hangovers

Hey guys. I spent literally all day yesterday going on about the US election to anyone who would listen. And a lot of people who wouldn’t. Thanks to my classmates for putting up with my election spam in the iMessage group.

Anyway, while we attempt, and struggle, to deal with the concept of Donald Trump leading America from January 20, 2017, here’s my latest A-League post.

Game of the Week – Central Coast Mariners v Wellington Phoenix

It’s good for Canberra to get some major sport! (Aside from the antics in Parliament, but that’s another story.)

Central Coast and Wellington are cellar dwellars of the A-League, but both of them got their first wins for the season last week. Central Coast had theirs over superstars turned shockers Adelaide United, while Wellington comfortably beat Newcastle at home.

Neither side will want to risk losing and slip back into poor runs of form.

Mini-Article – Australian Qualifying Chances

Because I really don’t get that much soccer coverage in the backwoods of Melbourne, I’m just doing a quick review on how Australia’s going in World Cup qualifying.

We currently sit second in Group B, undefeated behind Saudi Arabia, having played everyone except Thailand, who we do play on Tuesday.

Thailand is the only team that hasn’t gained a point yet, so they could be easy for Australia to beat. Three points from there could put us top, from where it would be pretty likely that we’d make it to at least third.

Chart VI – W-League Correlations

The W-League, the Australian women’s soccer competition, started on the weekend. This consists of nine teams: eight of which are affiliated with the A-League, and Canberra United, which is Canberra’s only real summer sporting team.

A-League and W-League teams.png
Here’s a semi-helpful guide.

This got me wondering: what’s the correlation between A-League and W-League results, if there is any? Here’s the chart.

W-League Correlation.png

The answer is, there is an upwards correlation, but it’s pathetically weak. The R^2 value is only 0.0265, which means that there’s nearly no pattern. Sorry guys, if your W-League team does well, that  doesn’t mean your A-League team will (assuming that you support the same teams because what kind of person doesn’t?).


Here are my A-League predictions for this week. I’m at 10/25, which, if I’m being perfectly frank, is very disappointing.

A-League Week 6.png


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