A-League 2016-17 – I-Am-Really-Bad-At-Managing-Times

Forgive me for whinging here, but the reason this post isn’t as good as it could be is because I’m really bad at managing my time. With the limited time I get, and the fact that it’s test season here at high school, I’m flat out. In fact, I should really be doing my science CAT instead of writing this.

Anyway, here’s my A-League post.

Game of the Week – Brisbane v Sydney

Two of the high-flying teams in the A-League, Brisbane and Sydney, will meet. Can Brisbane be the first to get a point off Sydney? This will be interesting to watch.

Chart VII – Postponed Games

Wellington Phoenix had their game against Victory postponed due to the recent Auckland earthquake, so I got wondering about previous A-League games to be postponed.

This is a semi-complete list, sorted by the number of days delayed. A few games were actually bought forward for fixturing reasons. I used the historical versions of the A-League Wikipedia pages before the postponements took place for the sources. (Thanks, people who edit A-League Wikipedia pages.)

rearranged games A-League.png


Here are my predictions for this weekend’s four games. 12/30 so far.



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