After moments of tragedy, clubs rise.

In 1949, Torino FC lost the lives of their entire team, before rising to win Serie A in 1975-76.

After the Munich Air Disaster in 1958, Manchester United would win the First Division within a decade, and still remain one of the top teams in the world.

The Zambian national team all died in a plane crash off Libreville in 1993, but rebuilt, and won the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations, just a kilometre inland from the crash site.

Now, we hope Chapeceonse can as well.


These are three of the remaining players, having just been told what happened in Colombia.

71 people died in the crash, including their teammates.

It’s impossible to describe how they would feel.

These aren’t just soccer players to them. They’re colleagues, they’re teammates, they’re friends.

And now they’re gone.

This doesn’t happen.

This shouldn’t happen.

But it did.


In this moment of loss and pure sadness, we, presidents of brazilian clubs that publish this note, would like to express our deepest condolenses and solidarity with Associação Chapecoense de Futebol and their supporters, specially their families and friends, coaching staff and board, for the tragedy that ocurred this Tuesday.

Even though knowing of the irrepairable damage that was caused by this terrible incident, the clubs understant that this is a moment for union, support and help to Chapecoense.

Therefore, the clubs announce the Solidariy Measures to Chapecoense, which constitute, among others, of the following:

(i) Free loan of athletes for the 2017 season;

(ii) Official solicitation to the CBF to prevent Chapecoense from being relegated to the Serie B for the next three season. If Chapecoense finishes the league amongst the bottom four, the 16th placed will be relegated.

It is a minimum gesture of solidarity that is doeable from us, but gifted with the most sincere objective to rebuild this institution and the brazilian football part that was lost today.

This is what some of the Brazilian clubs are saying.

This is the inherent friendliness of humanity.

We may be rivals, but, when you’re in dire circumstances, we will help you.

Stay strong, Chapecoense.

The whole world’s rooting for you.


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