A-League 2016-17 – Bruno-Fornaroli-Says

…if you don’t know what he says, it’s pretty amusing.

Because the title of the video of Bruno Fornaroli’s speech isn’t exactly child-friendly, I’ve buried it at the bottom of this post. If you want to see and hear it, then go down and watch, but also read about his slip of the tongue here.

That said, please don’t skip ahead, I put plenty of work into this and I’d like you to read it.

Game of the Round – Melbourne City v Brisbane Roar

City are fresh off their 1-0 win in the FFA Cup final, and face up to Brisbane in an upper-table clash. One might think City could be running out of steam, having faced two of the other top teams in the space of three days, but they’ve been pretty consistent this year, and Brisbane haven’t been able to score frequently.

Mini-Article – Guillermo Amor Shouldn’t Be Suspended

Guillermo Amor, Adelaide United’s manager, was given a red card a few games ago, against Perth Glory, after ‘intentional contact’ with a match official (Adam Fielding), when he disputed the referee’s decision.

As part of FFA rules, a red card gives an automatic one-match suspension. This was served by Amor in their game against Sydney FC last week.

An FFA disciplinary hearing went mainly on the evidence of Amor and Fielding, as there was no video of the incident. The FFA found that “there was contact of a kind which should not have occurred”, and that “the contact was more than a tap on the shoulder”. “Mr Amor frankly conceded that he is not in a position to deny that he may have used two hands and that he may have placed them on the back of the fourth official…”, and the hearing gave him an additional one-match suspension, with two suspended (if he gets another red card, automatic two-match ban).

This is ridiculous.

Amor deserved the red card and the suspension that he got. I’m not arguing this. What I am arguing is that he shouldn’t have to spend two matches on the sidelines, relying on his assistant to manage the troops.

Wellington coach Ernie Merrick agrees with this, and has said that “…for Gui to get two weeks for brushing someone’s arm I think is absolutely ridiculous.”

One week of suspension is bad enough for a manager, having to leave your already-struggling team in the hands of someone else for a fortnight is another. And with no evidence other than testimonies, we should give Amor the benefit of the doubt.

He should be in the dugout on Sunday.

Chart(s) IX – FFA Cup Teams

In the FFA Cup final on Wednesday night, Melbourne City gained the first trophy in their history with a 1-0 win over Sydney FC.

This got me wondering on how teams go after winning the FFA Cup final, or losing it.

I plotted the team game-by-game information on a chart. The big red and big green lines are Sydney FC and Melbourne City (red for losers, green for winners). The dotted lines are teams that made the final in the previous two, and the grey transparent lines are the teams from the 2015-16 season that didn’t make the finals.

FFA Cup teams.pngIn all seasons so far, the losers have ended up with more points than the winners, having the last laugh, to some extent. Also, none of them have had really poor seasons, all of them reaching at least 41 points by the end of the season.

Another question is how they go before and after the final. We did the maths for that too.


Based on our very, very small sample size, the team that wins the FFA Cup ends up earning three-fifths of a point less per game over the rest of the season. Therefore, Melbourne City should earn ~27 points through the rest of the year, rather than the 38 they would at this rate. The loser, however, has no downside.


A-League Week 9.png

…and because you all wanted it:


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