A-League 2016-17 – Tuesday-Posts-That-Should-Be-Friday-Posts

So, the upcoming round of the A-League starts on Friday.

So why on Earth am I writing my blog post on Tuesday?

Well, the first answer is because I want to get it out on time, and the second answer is that I leave for school camp tomorrow! I’m off on the Great Ocean Road from Wednesday morning until Friday afternoon, which means that that’s my excuse in the very likely event that I don’t get my advent calendar posts out on time.

Game of the Round – Wellington v Western Sydney

Hah! And you thought I’d talk about the Melbourne Derby. You’ll be getting plenty of that, so I’m going with something different.

The Wanderers tend to go through high and low periods with each season. They had a good season in 2013-14, a poor one in 2014-15, a good one in 2015-16 and now a poor one in 2016-17.

Wellington, having dealt with the earthquake ruining their stadium and the resignation of their coach, sit eighth with a game in hand, which, while not good, is not terrible either. That, and they’re coming off a 3-0 win, while the Wanderers are coming off a 3-0 loss. This could be interesting.

Chart XI – Thompson v Berisha

Archie Thompson, in his eleven-season A-League career, scored 90 goals, an all-time record, and it was a sad day for the A-League when he hung up the boots.

Besart Berisha is currently in his sixth season of the competition. He spent his first three as an opponent of Thompson, his fourth and fifth as a teammate, and his sixth by himself.

The hattrick scored by the Kosovar last week against Western Sydney took him to 89 goals, one behind Victory stalwart Thompson. In the enivatable likelihood that the chance of him breaking the record is bought up in the leadup to the Melbourne Derby, I’ve made this chart where you can compare the two.

Based on this, Berisha has been ahead of Thompson for practically his entire career, and if he plays for as long as Thompson did and continues scoring at this rate, he should finish his career with a touch under 140 goals.

Thompson v Berisha.png


I’m on 22/49 so far. I think that would put me roughly mid-table if I was one of the Herald Sun’s A-League pundits.

A-League Round 11.png


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