Adelaide’s 2017 Year of AFL Stats

Now the overall Top 100 hero’s to watch in 2017 has been established (see earlier blog), it is now time to work our way through the 18 clubs to keep an eye on the milestone achievers at each club.

First club to be covered is Adelaide and – as one of the newer clubs in the competition – there are plenty of Top 100 players and goal kickers to keep an eye on:

The most experienced current day player for Adelaide, Scott Thompson must be rueing the fact that he played his first few years at Melbourne before moving across to Adelaide. Scott features in the Top AFL 100 overall list at eq #51, and holds 8th position for games played at Adelaide. A reasonable season in 2017 could see him rise to 5th place for the Crows.

Richard Douglas (#15 on the list of games played) is only 5 games way from joining the 200 game club, whilst David Mackay is currently #17 on the list and would expect to move above Brett Burton during the year.

Daniel Talia will be aiming for the 150 game milestone, and to move higher than his current position of #27 on the list.Brodie Smith will be keen to move into the Top 30 at Adelaide.

Rory Sloan, Sam Jacobs and Captain Taylor Walker will also be hoping that injuries or poor form do not hinder their progress up the all time great’s ladder, whilst Josh Jenkins and Luke Brown should both pass the 100 game milestone and finish the year in the Top 50.

Others on the Top 100 list include Brad Crouch, Kyle Hartigan,.Eddie Betts, Andy Otten, Charlie Cameron, Tom Lynch, Rory Laird and Matt Crouch whilst Rory Atkins, Kyle Cheney, Jake Lever and Mitch McGovern will be hoping to play enough games in 2017 to join this elite group. Paul Seedsman with a stand out year, is also a possibility whereas for Riley Knight, Curtly Hampton, Wayne Milera, Troy Menzel, Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Harrison Wigg, Dean Gore, Harry Dear, Tom Doedee, Reilly O’Brien and Jake Kelly an invitation to the elite end of year party is not a possibility in 2017 and they will need to build  game numbers and ensure they remain at the club into 2018 and beyond to have any chance of becoming a hero in the future.

Goal kicking wise, “Tex” Walker sits in #2 position, but is over 100 goals shy of former club champion Tony Modra so is extremely unlikely to take over the #1 mantle anytime soon. Excitement machine Eddie Betts currently sits equal #8 with Tyson Edwards so should hold that position outright after 1 game of the season. Other Top 20 goal kickers for the Crows are Josh Jenkins who also should have no trouble passing Tyson Edwards and Kurt Tippett, based on his 2016 form. He currently sits in #11 position, whilst Scott Thompson is #16, Richard Douglas is #17 and Tom Lynch rounds off the Top 20 in that position. Rory Sloane is #30.

Charlie Cameron, David Mackay, Sam Jacobs, Brodie Smith and Mitch McGovern also make the elite list whilst Brad Crouch, Paul Seedsman, Rory Atkins, Cam Ellis-Yolmen and Matt Crouch will be hoping for enough goals to bag an invitation to the Top 100 party at years end.



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