Brisbane Lions AFL Stats for 2017

Brisbane Lions is also a relatively new club to the Australian Football League (20 Years) and a quick review of the Top 100 game players and Top 100 goal kickers shows that the bar to make the Top 100 list is so low that a newcomer to the club (if he had an outstanding year) could possibly make the list in one year in both games and goals!
However, it is a crowded field at the lower end of the team list and there are many players who have the ability to lift the bar higher. For example Ryan Bastinac, by playing one game will raise the bar as he is currently equal 100th with Niall McKeever and this will make it just a little bit harder to join the elite.

The relative inexperience of the Lions is shown by the fact that no current player has made it into the Top 20 game players at the club. Daniel Rich is currently equal 22nd with Robert Copeland, and would be expecting to pass the 150 game milestone and climb into the Top 20. Tom Rockcliff should also pass the 150 game milestone, but will need a good run with no injuries or form drops to achieve this and also entry into the Top 20. Dayne Zorko and Rohan Bewick are current Top 40 game players and Zorko is the only current player at the club who has kicked more than 100 goals (101). This places him in 16th position amongst the Lions’ Top 20 goal kickers and he is joined by Daniel Rich who is in 18th position.

It will be interesting to watch the newer and younger players at Brisbane this year, as almost every game and every goal will see movement in the Top 100 game players and goal kickers through out the year!



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