Carlton: An old established club: AFL Stats 2017

Carlton, which has been in the VFL/AFL since 1897, has been home to a number of champions and therefore to break into the upper echelon is no mean feat. In fact only 5 current players make the all time Carlton game players list, and only three make the Top 100 goal kickers list! By far the most impressive of these game players is Kade Simpson who this year broke into the Top 10 and now sits in #8 Position. A good, injury free year could see him pass Geoff Southby and Anthony Koutoufides and even challenge Justin Madden for 5th place on Carlton’s all time list. A remarkable effort, when you consider that – of the other Top 100’s games players – only two more (Marc Murphy and the reluctant Bryce Gibbs) even make the Top 30 whilst the final two (Matthew Kreuzer and Denis Armfield) are equal #87 !

With the departure of Zach Touhy, no other player is capable of climbing into the Top 100.

Goal kicking wise, only 3 players make the grade, and none in the Top 40! Marc Murphy needs only one goal to draw level in 40th position with Fraser Murphy whilst the two other goal kickers ( Kade Simpson and Bryce Gibbs) are well down the list  in equal #62 and 69th respectively.

It is interesting to note that – unlike Brisbane where only 16 players have kicked a 100 goals over their career at the club – 88 have done so at Carlton and that 90 goals by the two Chris’ – Yarran and Judd just sneaks them into the Top 100.


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