Freo: AFL Stats 2017

After exploring the games and goals stats at three foundation clubs (Carlton, Collingwood and Essendon) in our last blog, we look at one of the newer clubs this time: Fremantle.

As the club has been in existence for just over 20 years, it is no surprise that they have a large number of current players, including Top 20 players on the list. In fact the club has 19 current day players who have already made the Top 100 game players list, and 17 current day goal kickers also.

Seven game players and six goal kickers are in the Top 20 at the club, but none are within a “mile” of Fremantle’s greatest champion, Matthew Pavlich who retired at the end of 2016. The current #2 on the games played list (David Mundy) would need to play for 5 years injury free to catch him, and the #3 on the goal kicking list (Hayden Ballantyne) would need to kick 480 goals to dislodge Pavlich from the top spot! A much more modest target for Ballantyne would be to score the 4 goals he needs to replace Jeff Farmer as Fremantle’s all time 2nd highest goal scorer.

Apart from Mundy, other Fremantle players that feature in the Top 20 game players are:Aaron Sandilands (#4), Michael Johnson (#7), Stephen Hill (#12), Garrick Ibbotson (#14), Nick Suban (#18) and Hayden Ballantyne (#19).

Goal kicking wise, current day players after Ballantyne in the Top 20 are Michael Walters (#6), Nat Fyfe and Stephen Hill (eq.#15), David Mundy (#17) and Aaron Sandilands (#19). It is unlikely that any other players will make the Top 20 in 2017, but we will have fun watching the movers up the two ladders in 2017



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