Gold Coast Suns & GWS: What 2017 AFL Stats?

For the two newest clubs in the AFL, the concept of Top 100 game players and goal kickers seems bizarre! Neither club has been around long enough to have 100 players play for them, or a 100 different players kick goals. But this, of course was the same way that all clubs started out, and it took a great number of years before the Top 100 concept became meaningful. Take a look at my previous blogs on well established clubs Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon and Geelong and you will realize what an honour it is to achieve Top 100 status at these clubs, now.
So, in my opinion, the 87 Gold Coast Suns players and 74 GWS players deserve their moment in the sun, and the recognition of their part in the fledging years of these two clubs that will go on to be part of history.
No doubt the Top 10 players at each club will feature in the record books of these clubs for many years whilst those who played one game will no longer be included as the number of successful players grow.
So, who are already the most successful players at these two clubs?

At Gold Coast Suns, Jarrod Harbrow leads the way with an impressive 114 games since his recruitment from Western Bulldogs and – at GWS Callan Ward (also from the Western Bulldogs) is #1 with an even more impressive 107 games.

The records from the clubs who have been in existence in the VFL/AFL for 120 years suggest that 7 quality years of football at the club can still see you sneak into the Top 100 in 2017, so imagine how many years it will take (if ever) for these two champions to disappear from their Clubs Top 100!

The goal kicking records are even more impressive: At Gold Coast Suns Tom Lynch has already chalked up 190 goals which would have him still #38 on the list of one of the original clubs, Geelong. At GWS Jeremy Cameron’s 236 goals would have him at #19 at the other original club, Melbourne!

These guys (and most others in the Top 10 of both clubs) are not finished yet and it will be exciting to watch the continued climb of these champions up the respective ladders. It will also be exciting to see the number of quality recruits that both clubs have recruited: Michael Barlow, Pearce Hanley, Jarryd Lyons and Jarrod Witts (Gold Coast Suns) and Brett Deledio, Matt de Boer, Will Setterfield, Isaac Cumming and Tim Taranto (GWS) firstly play their first game for their new club and then climb their way up through the rankings.


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