Melbourne: On The Move in 2017 (Stats Wise)

There is no doubt that Melbourne has been an underperformer for a long time, and this is shown very clearly by the lack of Top 100 performers in recent years. However, this is changing. For years the main stay of the club has been Nathan Jones who has steadily moved his way up the ladder to a Top 20 position in the list of game players at the club. Currently in 17th position, he should move rapidly into the Top 10 if he has another stellar season. Down the list, he no longer has Lynden Dunn (who has moved on to Collingwood), but Colin Garland (Top 70) and Jack Watts (Top 80) are steadily making their mark in the club’s history.

In the goal kicking statistics, it was a battle in 2016 between Jones, Watts and Dunn to become the club’s next 100 goal player. Dunn never made it and (as written before) has now moved on. Watts and Jones however, passed the mark (and became the 70th and 71st Melbourne players to do so)and continued up the list with Watts now being Top 60 and Jones Top 70.  In addition, Jesse Hogan (Top 90) and Jeff Garlett (#98) joined the list, forcing out Kelly O”Donnell and making Andrew Moir and Bryan Kenneally vulnerable to being displaced from the list in equal 99th position


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