North Melbourne: A rebuild of Stats in 2017!

North Melbourne’s 2016 list included three of the Top 10 game players, another Top 20 game player and two Top 20 goal scorers, all of whom are now gone!
In a major clean out, the Kangaroos delisted Brent Harvey, Drew Petrie and Michael Firrito, with Harvey being #1 game player for the club (and the AFL) and Drew Petrie #2. Harvey & Petrie also featured in North’s Top 10 goal kickers at #2 and #6 respectively.
Daniel Wells, the equal #14 games player for the club (and the equal #32 goal kicker for the club) also departed, and is now at Collingwood.
Despite these departures, North Melbourne still has 9 current players within the Top 100 game players group.
Seven Top 100 goal kickers are also still at the club, a testament to the recent consistent success the club has had.
Amongst the game players, Andrew Swallow would be hoping to be firmly ensconced in the Top 20 by the end of the season, and a very good year goal kicking wise by Lindsay Thomas could see him replace Bill Findlay in 10th place on the all time Top 100 list.
Sam Gibson and Jamie Macmillan would be hoping for a game streak long enough to propel them into the Top 100 which would lead to the departure from the games list of Les Reeves and Daniel Pratt.
Jarrad Waite and Ben Brown would both be looking for a significantly higher Top 100 goal kicker position.


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