Port Adelaide: The stats begin to build

Port Adelaide is one of the newer clubs in the AFL, but they are beginning to build an impressive list of Top 100 game players. The retired Kane Cornes leads the club in overall games played, but Justin Westoff is #7 and Travis Boak (who will hopefully play his 200th game in Round 1) is #8. Neither is likely to move up the list in 2017 and it shows that the clubs 163 players used to date included some quality players.

Twenty four of the current day players feature in the list and – as the club has only ever used 163 players – the elite group covers 61.34% of all the players used.

The Top 10 goal kickers at Port Adelaide include three current day players (Justin Westoff, Robbie Gray and Chad Wingard) but not a lot of movement up the list is anticipated. Another 20 currently listed players are included in the Top 100 goal kickers and another successful year with see the “bar” raised higher and the prestige attached to making the list increase.(Not to mention the invites to the end of the year party!)


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