Richmond; A new AFL stats leader.

With the defection of Brett Delidio to GWS during the off season, Jack Riewoldt is now the current day leading Richmond player in both games played and goals kicked. Like his cousin Nick Riewoldt at St Kilda, Jack is prominent on both lists although – with 202 games – he only just makes the Top 25 game players. Riewoldt is #6 at present amongst Richmond’s goal kickers, and his immediate aim would be to achieve 500 goals and then consider catching the #5 , Dick “Jiggy” Harris which could be possible by years end.

Six other current players feature in Richmond’s Top 100 game players, as well as 3 other goal kickers, and then there is the situation of Ty Vickery, who – like Courtney Dempsey at Essendon – snuck into the club’s Top 100 game players at the end of last season – before leaving the club during the off season.  Vickery’s time in the Top 100 is likely to last less than a season with Brandon Ellis in a position to overtake him mid season in 2017.  Vickery’s invite to the gala celebration as a game player will probably only last this season, but as the #35 leading goal scorer at the club he is assured of a Top 100 invitation back to Richmond for many years yet!


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