Saint Nick: The standout of St Kilda’s AFL Stats

Nick Riewoldt, the 4th greatest game player, and 3rd greatest goal scorer in the history of St Kilda Football Club, should give saints supporters plenty to cheer about in 2017.

Games wise, a handful of games will see him climb to second on the rankings for the club, but still significantly behind the legendary Robert Harvey.

From a goal kicking perspective, given that he now spends time away from the goal scoring zone, his achievements may be much less spectacular.  Eleven goals would see him achieve the 700 goal milestone, and from there it would be only 35 goals to equal Bill Mohr, #2 on the list.

Another significant achiever at the saints, Leigh Montanga currently sits in 8th position at the moment and would be expected to play sufficient games to pass Stephen Milne and claim 7th position.

Five other current day players are included on the Top 100 game list, and three others as well as Riewoldt and Montanga are on the goal kicking list.  This includes Josh Bruce who has yet to make the games played list but currently sits #59 on the goal kicking list and would be hoping to score 8 goals and become the 54th saint to score 100 goals. 


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