West Coast: A newer club, but with history

West Coast Eagles have now been in the AFL for 30 years, not long enough to produce a 300 game player, but long enough to have Dean Cox who retired on 290 games make the Top 100 AFL game players of all time.

For a comparatively young club, the Eagles also have an impressive record of 19 players having reached the 200 game milestone including Matt Pridis and Shannon Hurn who occupy 14th and 19th place respectively. Another 20 current list players are also in the Top 100 Eagles of all time, and whilst none of these is likely to pass the 200 game mark in 2017, three could potentially get close enough to the 200 mark to achieve it in 2018.

Goal kicking wise, Josh Kennedy (2nd), Mark Le Cras (4th) and Jack Darling (8th) are already Top 10 at the club, whilst Josh Hill sits in 16th place and a further 12 are in the Top 100 and Jeremy McGovern needs one goal only to join the “club” and be part of the milestone celebrations at the end of the year.

With so many players likely to move up the rankings, it should be a busy year for us statisticians!


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