Interesting Google Trends #1

Can I be frank with you?

I like lots of stats. Not just sports ones. So, when I (re)discovered Google Trends, and found out that I was able to do a bunch of interesting searches, I decided that some of these were too good not to share.

So, here’s a new thing: three interesting Google Trends that I found.

(Note: Blue named first, then red, then yellow, then green.)

Facebook v Twitter


Come on, is Facebook really that much better than my preferred social network? Facebook is on the decline, but so is Twitter, unfortunately.

Maybe Twitter will fare better against other social networks?

Twitter v Instagram v Snapchat

Twitter v Instagram v Snapchat.png

Sometime in 2015, Instagram overtook Twitter when it came to Internet search, and is currently continuing the upward trend. Fortunately, it’s still a fair bit better than Snapchat.

Athens v Beijing v London v Rio

Athens v Beijing v London v Rio.pngSports fans among you will recognise these as the hosts of the last four Summer Olympics. This can be easily seen by the massive spikes in usage in 2004, 2008, and 2016. London is already consistently viewed, as a major tourist city, but still got a spike.


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