AFL Player Animals

During last night’s Collingwood v Bulldogs game, I made my 10,000th tweet. After tossing up what it should be –

I eventually made the decision to combine a love of football with a love of not very good puns.

@DadAndMog is the account of two awesome AFL podcasters, a father-daughter team with the last name Carr. Obligatory link to the podcast. @AndrewGigacz is the guy who comes up with the absolutely insane stats in his weekly Micro Noises column.

The next person to reply was @swishtter:

This then expanded throughout my wider Twitter circle:

It didn’t take long at all for the hashtag to take on a life of its own, being used in tweets beyond my initial cascade:

The AFLW got in on the action:

A few people came up with obvious answers:

It eventually went full circle:

Here are a few of my favourites. (I can’t decide if the Caleb Daniel one would be more adorable than the actual Caleb Daniel.)

And my all time favourite belongs to Reid Fleming:


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