Today’s AFL Highlights: 5 Top 100 game players on show

Despite the absence of Luke Hodge (Hawthorn) and Jarryd McVeigh (Sydney) from today’s line ups, 5 of the Top 100 AFL game players of all time will be on show:
St Kilda v Melbourne will feature “Saint Nick”, (Nick Riewoldt) the leading current day game player (along with Hawthorn’s Shaun Burgoyne) and current day 2nd leading goal kicker.
Sydney V Port Melbourne, whilst robbed of an appearance by McVeigh, will feature the current day leading goal kicker, Lance “Buddy” Franklin. Franklin currently sits at #12 on the all time list, but would be eyeing off a Top 10 position.
Essendon v Hawthorn. Luke Hodge will miss as a result of being disciplined by Hawthorn’s player group, but the match will still feature 3 Top 100 players. Equal leading current day game player, Shaun Burgoyne will turn out for Hawthorn, whilst James Kelly and Brendon Goddard – both two club players – will wear the red and black of the bombers. An extra highlight of this game is the comeback of Hawthorn’s new Captain Jarryd Roughead from a cancer scare last year. All football fans will be wishing Jarryd great success and hoping that he bags enough goals to see him climb into the Top50 goal kickers of all time.
GCFC v Brisbane. Gary Ablett will provide the highlight for this local derby. Already ensconced in the Top 100 game players of all time, he sits just outside the total required to reach the Top 100 goal kickers and a good season could see him join this list as well.
Whilst time prevents us from going into details for the individual clubs playing today, it is worth noting that GCFC are sneaking closer to filling the Top 100 game players for the club, with six new players taking the total on the list to #93


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