Tonights AFL Stats Highlights WCE v Syd

Unfortunately 2 of the 3 current all time game players in the AFL Top 100 who could be playing tonight are out because of injury: Jarrod McVeigh (Syd) and Drew Petrie (WCE) which means it is left to Sam Mitchell (WCE) to carry the flag for this elite group of players. Mitchell will be playing his 311th game which will put him into a tie for 49th position with Ben Hart (Adelaide) and Glenn Archer (North Melbourne).
On the goal kicking front, two Top 100’s will also be competing: Lance “Buddy” Franklin and Josh Kennedy with Drew Petrie – a member of the group – missing out. Franklin needs a bag of 5 goals to bring up the 800 goals and join Matthew Richardson (Richmond) in 11th place on the all time list. Sneaking up to join the group is Mark LeCras. He currently sits one goal behind Darren Jarman (#101) and three goals behind Warwick Capper at Number 100. Jarman was dislodged from the elite group late last year by Geelong’s Tom Hawkins who moved further up the ranks this year and left Capper in the “death seat”, meaning this year will most likely be his last Top 100 party!

At a club level, Sydney’s Heath Grundy will move up level with Andrew Dunkley and Rod Carter as the Swan’s Top 100 game players in equal 23rd position.


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