Round 7 Stats Highlights: The 500 cluster & Tim bumps Verdun

Not since the 1970’s has the lower placed team in every game beaten the team above them! No doubt the competition is evening out and it augers well for a tight race to the finals.
The race is also on amongst the Top 100 goal kickers with four current day players clustered around the 500 goal mark and holding down positions number 55 to 58 on the all time AFL goal kickers list.
Nothing’s impossible, but it will be a big effort for Stevie J to move on to 600 goals, but I’m not so sure about Jarrod Roughead, Jack Riewoldt and Eddie Betts! I also expect the rapidly advancing Josh Kennedy to make inroads into this group before the end of the season, especially as it looks likely he will have the benefit of a number of finals.
Outside the Top 100, it is exciting to contemplate how many of the young “guns” will be around long enough and escape injury and form lapses to reach the 400 goal mark to secure their place in the Top 100 goal kickers of all time.
One of the many on the move is Tim Membrey who ‘bumped’ AFL Hall of Famer Verdun Howell out the Top 100 goal kickers earlier this year and has continued his climb up the Saints ladder with some consistent goal kicking performances. Howell, who is better remembered as a champion full back, spent a few years as a high marking full forward which enhanced his reputation with the saint’s members.


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