Lou Richards – All the stats

Lou Richards still stands as the 11th greatest game player, and the 8th greatest goal kickers at Collingwood despite the fact that he retired (at age 32) 62 years ago in 1955.
He also still holds a place in the Top 100 AFL goal kickers of all time, currently sitting in 87th place.
Starting in the seniors just after his 18th birthday in 1941, he went on to play 250 games, being named vice captain in 1951 and promoted to captain for his last three years at the club in 1953 (The year he captained the club to a premiership).
He wore a number of different numbers at the club during his 15 year career (including the traditional No 2 of the vice captain and No 1 of the captain) but he was best known as the wearer of jumper No 21.
Standing at 170 cms tall, and weighing 73 kgs, he was the 435th players chosen to play for the famous black and white colours of the Magpies.
His uncle Alby Pannam was a Collingwood legend and was still playing at the club when Lewis Thomas Charles Richards joined in the club in 1940, (playing in a reserves premiership in his first year).
Lou’s brother, the 5 years younger Ron Richards joined the club in 1947 and played many games beside his brother.
During his media career, his football tips became famously known as “The Kiss of Death”


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