Eight new Top 100 elite Players to AFL Clubs!

Six new games players and two new goal kickers have made their way into their clubs Top 100 achievers in recent times. Whilst at the newer clubs this takes only a couple of years to achieve, at the more established clubs it takes up to 6 years to achieve this status, and maybe longer if poor form or injuries occur.
So it’s congratulations to Richmond’s Brandon Ellis who joins Ty Vickery in equal 100th position on the Tiger’s list of all game players! Vickery – who sneaked into the Top 100 in his last game at Tiger land, dumping a bevy of champions( Jason Torney, Fred Burge, Bruce Montieth, John Northey and Maurice Rioli) by doing so will be bumped himself by Ellis if Brandon fronts up again for the seniors this year.
At North Melbourne, Sam Gibson has climbed into 99th position on the Top 100 list, assigning Les Reeves and Daniel Pratt to the equal 100th ‘death seat’, and under threat from Jamie Macmillan who may join (and then pass) them later this year.
At Hawthorn, Jack Gunston has also climbed into 99th position, dropping Ron Nalder down to position 100 and ensuring that 2017 will be Nathan Thompson’s last invite to the Hawthorn elite EOY party.
At the ‘younger’ clubs, Dayne Beams (Brisbane Lions), Lachie Weller (Fremantle) and Dom Sheed (West Coast Eagles) have all hit the ‘big time’.
Amongst the goal kickers, both Richmond (Shaun Grigg) and Sydney (Gary Rohan) will have new faces at the year end shindig (although Grigg already has one invite courtesy his 80th position on the club’s all time Top 100 game players).


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