10 Weeks To Go! What can be achieved?

With the 6 game rounds completed, and only one Thursday night game to go, players and clubs can now settle down and set the goals for the end of the home and away season. For most clubs, this will be the position on the ladder that they finish, and for most players it will be to finish of the season injury free and in good form for what may lie ahead.

For the players who can achieve this, it could add 10 games to the year’s total and – for a small number of goal kickers up to an extra 40 goals for the season.

What does this mean for the current Top 100 (and prospective Top 100) all time game players and goal kickers? For example, the leading current day game player Shaun Burgoyne it could mean rising to equal #16 on the all time list and equalling Bulldogs champion Chris Grant.

Burgoyne has already played 12 games this year, and has been picked by Hawthorn for tomorrow night’s game against Adelaide. This game will take him to equal #21 on the list, sharing that position with Hawthorn legend Leigh Matthews, the recently retired Corey Enright and last century bean pole, Justin Madden. One more game will see him share Top 20 status.

Nick Riewoldt could climb to #18 on the list, and may have the prospect of finals to take him even higher.

Gary Ablett and Luke Hodge should both achieve the 300 game mark by the end of season 2017, whilst Steve Johnson and Leigh Montagna would both be hoping to string together enough games to reach AFL All Time Top 100 status.

From a goal kicking point of view, Buddy may not climb any higher this year, but Nick Riewoldt would no doubt have former Collingwood champion Dick Lee in his sights, currently being only one goal behind.

Jack Riewoldt, Eddie Betts and Jarryd Roughhead would all be keen to move up the ladder significantly, perhaps climbing into the Top 50 at the expense of Daniel Bradshaw and even BT (Brian Taylor).

Josh Kennedy (West Coast Eagles) would be hoping to join the 500 club, whilst Gary Ablett’s aim would be much more modest: to achieve the three goals that would earn him a berth in the Top 100 AFL goal kickers of all time.


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