Hall of Famers v Stats Elite? No Comparison!

Congratulations to the five footballers added to the Hall of Fame this week. There is no doubt that Malcolm Blight, Ron Todd, Anthony Stevens, Simon Goodwin and Barry Hall added much to the spectacle and provided much enjoyment to the followers of our great game and fully deserve their place in the ever growing list of champions.
However, when you look closely at the statistical achievements of the group and consider their standing in the Top 100 game players or Goal Kickers of all time, the results are interesting.
Firstly it needs to be said that the statistical Top 100 is a non expanding list of the elite players, and a new member can only make the grade at the expense of an existing player by surpassing his achievements in games played or goals scored.
The merits of this can always be argued, as can the opinions of those who nominate footballers for the Hall of Fame using less objective criteria.
Both lists are to be celebrated.
In terms of impact on the Top 100 game players of all time, only two make the AFL list: Anthony Stevens who now sits in 88th position and Barry Hall in 97th position (and in danger of dropping out of the list in the next few years).
Goal kicking wise, there is also two in the AFL Top 100 list: Barry Hall, again, in 15th position and Legend Malcolm Blight in 74th position.
As would be expected, all of these players (with the exception of Ron Todd) figure prominently in the games played at their club, which – with the exception of Barry Hall – was the one club throughout their career. Barry Hall made the “list” at Sydney only (as a game player) whilst Ron Todd is well short of the mark as a Top 100 game player, even at his club (Collingwood).
Barry Hall, who holds the distinction of being the only player to score more than 100 goals at three different clubs, still holds a prominent position on the goal kicking lists of those three clubs (St Kilda, Sydney and Western Bulldogs) with him still being rated #3 at Sydney.
All new Hall of Famers appear on their clubs Top 100 goal kicking lists with Malcolm Blight being #5 at North Melbourne, whilst Anthony Stevens is the lowest placed of all, on the same list at #46.


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