Top 100 Goal Kickers (at club level)

Gary Rohan’s mark and goal after the siren will live on in the minds of Swans players and supporters for many years to come.
No doubt it will be relived at Sydney Top 100 celebrations for as long as Gary attends at the end of each year. He has booked a seat for many years to come as that one goal moved him significantly up the ‘ladder’ and away from the death seat that he climbed into earlier this year. That one goal took him past Jack Barnes, John Pitura and Ron Hartridge and he is now equal with Paul Hawke and Stuart Magee on the Swans goal kicking list.
Jack Barnes played for the club in 1924 but did not appear again until 1927 and finished his career in 1929. He also played cricket for Victoria.
John Pitura (from Wagga Tigers) scored his goals in 99 games for the club before becoming involved in a bitter clearance dispute between South Melbourne and Richmond, and finishing his career at Richmond.
Ron Hartridge played at St Kilda until 1940, but reappeared in 1943 at South Melbourne and kicked his goals there in 50 games.
Paul Hawke was another Wagga Tigers player who started at Sydney but moved to another club – Collingwood before returning to the Swans for one final game.
Yet another two club player (South Melbourne and Footscray) was Stuart Magee who took over the captaincy at Footscray from Ted Whitten.
At North Melbourne Todd Goldstein joined the 100 goal club and Ben Cunnington snuck into the Top 100 goal kickers at the club by drawing level with Aaron Edwards.
Carlton’s Levi Casboult leapfrogged past Chris Yarran and Chris Judd to join Ross Ditchburn, Viv Valentine and Keith Warburton in equal 96th position. This now leaves Judd and Yarran in the death seat (Equal 100th).
Two players at St Kilda continue to make great strides up the list with Tim Membrey passing Jason Gram and Ron Fisher and joining Vic Cumberland and, higher up the list, Josh Bruce passing Rex Hunt and Stephen Theodore.
Meanwhile the main discussion at Geelong is when will Tom Hawkins get the 11 goals to draw him level with #5 on the Geelong Top 100 goal kickers list with Lindsay White?


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