Round 16 AFL Stats Highlights

Gary Rohan (Sydney Swans) certainly took our urging to heart with his 5 goals on the weekend. His goal after the siren the previous week was the sort of stirring stuff that his club mates (past and present) will enjoy replaying time and again at the annual Top 100 goal kickers (and game players) function for years to come. We urged Gary to climb from his lowly position in the Top 100 Sydney goal kickers to ensure his feats would be highlighted for years to come, and he responded in spades!
His five goals took him past Derek Kickett, Jesse White (now at Collingwood) Bob Deas (who played his last game 100 years ago!), Darren Kappler and Bernard Toohey (whom he replaced in the Top 90 Swans of all time).
With his buffer now at 10 positions and hopefully more to come, he should have secured his invitation to the event for many, many years to come.

Luke Hodge, the Hawthorn champion announced his retirement on the eve of his 300th game. If he plays all the remaining games this year (assuming no finals!) he would retire on 306 games, and that would be enough to take him to 4th place on the Hawthorn Top 100 game players list – one behind Sam Mitchell and passing Shane Crawford, Chris Langford, Don Scott and Kelvin Moore along the way.

Also assuming no more goals in his career, he will finish level with Nathan Thompson in 31st position on the Hawks’ goal kicking list with 192 goals.


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