Well done Joe! (and Bombers)

We like to think that the AFL players are reading our articles and taking heed.
Last week we asked Gary Rohan to move up the Swan’s goal kicking list and he responded. In our last article we featured Joe Daniher and said he needed to kick a goal to bring up his 150 and tie with Tommy Jenkins as the club’s 40th top goal kicker.
Joe responded with 4 goals (and two screamers!) to not only pass Ray Watts, but Tommy Jenkins and Blake Caracella as well and draw level with David Hille in 38th position. Considering he is still a good 2 and a half years away from qualifying as a Top 100 game player, its a fair bet that he will rise a lot higher up the list!
David Zaharakis also responded to his mention and kicked 2 goals which leap frogged him above Lou Armstrong, Che Cockatoo-Collins and Jason Johnson. This meant that -despite kicking one goal – Michael Hurley is now two behind David Zaharakis (and one behind the three other players mentioned). For St Kilda, Nick Riewoldt’s one goal made no impression on his standing in either the AFL Top 100 or St Kilda’s. Josh Bruce’s one goal was not enough for him to improve his position either.


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