AFL Round 19 Achievers (we hope!)

If they play in Round 19, the following players will be the main statistical achievers for their clubs:
AFL: Shaun Burgoyne will move past John Rantall (NM/Syd/Fitzroy) to outright #18.
Adel: David MacKay to pass Brett Burton and become outright #16.
Bris: Daniel Rich to pass Chris Scott.
Carl: Matthew Kreuser to equal Vin Gardiner, Ron Cooper and Glen Manton (#66)
Coll: Scott Pendlebury to equal Harry Collier and join Top 10 all time Collingwood players.
Ess: Carl Hooker to pass Roger Merrett and equal Angus Monfries and Jack Cassin (Top 70).
Freo: Nick Suban to equal James Walker #16
Geel: Andrew Mackie to equal James Kelly (Top 10).
GCS: Alex Sexton to equal Luke Russell #16.
GWS: Nathan Wilson to pass Rhys Palmer #17.
Haw: Luke Hodge to equal Don Scott #6.
Melb: Nathan Jones to pass Brett Lovett and equal Jeff White #9.
NM: Andrew Swallow to pass John Law and Brett Allison and equal Allan Aylett.
PtA: Robbie Gray to equal Gavin Wanganeen #12.
Rich: Jack Riewoldt to pass David Cloke. #20.
StK: Sam Gilbert to pass Bill Mohr #31.
Syd: Heath Grundy equal Ron Clegg #15.
WCE: Josh Kennedy equal Chad Fletcher, Phillip Matera and Michael Brennan.
WB: Luke Dahlhaus pass Stuart Magee and equal David Darcy(Top 70)
And if they play and kick one goal, the following players will achieve goal kicking milestones:
AFL: Eddie Betts (Adel/Carl) will equal Michael O’Laughlin (Syd)
Adel: Tom Lynch will pass Scott Thompson #16.
Bris: Rowan Bewick will pass Daniel Merrett
Carl: Levi Casboult will equal Vin Cattogio (Top 90)
Coll: Scott Pendlebury will pass Tony Shaw and equal Max Richardson.
Ess: Joe Daniher will equal Paddy Shea and Jack Jones #36.
Freo: Michael Walters 200 goals.
Geel: Joel Sellwood to pass Peter Pianto and equal Ben Graham.
GCS: Touk Miller to equal Josh Caddy #24.
GWS: Lachie Whitfield will pass Jonathan Giles #14.
Haw: Jack Gunston to pass Bert Hyde.
Melb: Jack Watts to equal Alby Rodda #48.
NM: Lindsay Thomas to equal Shannon Grant. #11
PtA: Brad Ebert and/or Hamish Hartlett will equal Dominic Cassisi.
Rich: Dustin Martin will equal Joel Bowden #28.
St Kilda:Josh Bruce will equal Charlie Baker #38.
Syd: Jarrad McVeigh will equal Jude Bolton #24.
WCE: Matt Pridis will pass Rowan Jones and Don Pyke #44.
WB: Luke Dahlhaus will pass Scott West and equal Gary Dempsey.


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