Leigh Montagna – Soo Close!

Spare a thought for Leigh Montagna who played his 287th game for the Saints last weekend. He suffered a major injury and – with his retirement at the end of the year already discussed – it may be his last AFL game.
At the start of the year, 287 games would have been sufficient to place him in the Top 100 game players of all time and ensure him of a memento of the achievement at the annual gathering of the greats.
However, a number of new inductees (the latest being Steve Johnson (GWS)) has meant that the bar has been raised to 288 games, and 99th position is shared by Peter Riccardi (Geelong) and Johnson.
So, unlike recent members of the Top 100 who have been replaced this year (including Ryan O’Keefe (Swans) Peter Bell (NM/Freo) and Carl Ditterich (StK/Melb), Leigh may never be able to claim making the list, even for a short time! Lets hope that his injury is not severe enough to prevent his return this year, even for one game.


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