About Me and The Blog

Hey, viewers of my blog! My name is Nick, I live in Melbourne, I have a Twitter account (@NickTheStatsGuy), and I’m a bit of a sports nut. I also run a micronation called Førvania, which you can learn about here and here. Feel free to contact me, I’ll reply as soon as I can, unless you’re a Hawthorn supporter 😉

So far in my sports journalist career, I’ve:

  • Had Dennis Freedman mention me on Twitter multiple times:
    You will not believe how happy this made me.
    My first mention for anything.
    I got four Twitter followers in the thirty seconds after he posted this.
    My god, is he serious?
  • Been on 774 ABC Melbourne! (Admittedly, it wasn’t about sports, I just called in on September 1, 2015 because Red Symons was asking for complaints. I called in because my digital radio ran out of battery, and I had to listen to 774 on a poor connection.)
  • Been viewed in these countries (in order of number of views):
    1. Australia (obviously)
    2. The United States of America
    3. The United Kingdom
    4. India
    5. The United Arab Emirates
    6. Pakistan
    7. Poland
    8. South Africa
    9. Japan
    10. South Korea
    11. European Union
    12. New Zealand
    13. Thailand
    14. Czech Republic (probably from my mates over at Czech Cricket)
    15. Egypt
    16. Canada
    17. Spain
    18. Papua New Guinea
    19. Trinidad & Tobago
    20. Nepal
  • Received 80 Twitter followers.

Frequently Asked Questions*

  • Is your name actually Nick? Yes.
  • What were you just doing? Changing the format of this blog.
  • What does it look like behind you? 
    This is the wall behind me.
  • Where are you typing this? My bedroom.
  • What time is it? 4.33pm.
  • Where do you live? Somewhere in the mighty state of Victoria, Australia.
  • Do you like soccer? Yes.
  • Who’s your favourite Melbourne Victory player? I don’t like Melbourne Victory.
  • But you just said you lived in Victoria and you liked soccer. There’s another team.
  • What is it? Melbourne City.
  • Do you go for them? Yes.
  • Do you like cricket? Yes.
  • Who’s your favourite Melbourne Stars… No. Just no.
  • What teams do you support in sport? OK, this is going to be a long list.
    In the AFL, I support the Western Bulldogs. In domestic cricket, I support Victoria (first-class and list A) and the Melbourne Renegades (Twenty20). In Australian soccer, I support Melbourne City. In English soccer, I support Leicester City. In the NFL, I support…well, I don’t really support a team, but I’ll go Seattle Seahawks. In all international sports, I support Australia, and in Faroese soccer I support B36 Tórshavn.
  • What is Faroese soccer? Soccer in the Faroe Islands.
  • Where are the Faroe Islands? North of Scotland.
  • Why do you follow soccer there? Because they care about it intensely, and are surprisingly good for a country with the population of Port Macquarie.
  • What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Turn off the alarm.
  • What’s the last thing you do at night? Turn off the radio.
  • Who sent the last text message you recieved? One of the people in my class.
  • What did it say? “Oh. OK ttyl”
  • Was it to you? No, I’m in a group chat.
  • What did you do for your last birthday? Have a birthday party with my relatives. I ate cake.
  • What cake was it? Chocolate with blue icing. Yum.
  • What did you get? A fancy pen with my name on it, $40 worth of Steam credit, and some other things.
  • Where’s the farthest from home you’ve ever been? Perth, which is a 3,421km drive from Melbourne.

*may not actually be frequently asked



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