Good Internet Websites

  1. He makes fun of England a lot.
  2. He has a podcast.
  3. He lives nearby to me (Menzies Creek).
  4. He has a Twitter account where he actually linked to my website! For real!
  5. If you send him an email, he will reply within ten minutes if he’s awake.
  • AFL Media: These guys are the place you want to go to if you need to know anything about football at all. I went to their office under Etihad Stadium once and they were all very nice people. One of them, the official stats guy Col Hutchison, has been to every Geelong game since the 1950s and has a copy of every known AFL Record in a cupboard in his office.
  • The Inquirer: The aforementioned Hutchison and his mate Cam Sinclair spend their time poking a database of stats that give you info on just about anything for every AFL player, hoping something interesting comes out. They put the best bits out every Friday. If they tried, they could probably find out the last time Cam McCarthy had McDonalds.
  • ESPN Cricinfo: The Wikipedia of cricket, just less boring and more accurate. It covers a ridiculous amount of stuff, and the Statsguru tool will waste your afternoon if you’re anything like me. It will make you say things like, “Steve Smith and David Warner have the fourth-highest second wicket partnership by Australians at Edgbaston in the fourth innings of a match.” (For what it’s worth, they don’t. Here’s the actual list). They have an app, too.
  • Footy Maths Institute: Exceptionally good at stats, and also running two tipping contests, one of which I’m a member of. Follow him in Twitter if you want to read a lot of comments about football and its fans, most of them humorous.
  • Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation: This website is run by immensely passionate fans of the world game (or insane stats freaks, depending on your point of view).
  • These fellas are the most dedicated Socceroos supporters I’ve ever seen, and have spent hours of research and over twenty years on their website. Results from every Socceroos international and NSL game.
  • Your Mum In A Cage: This is a dumb website some guy I know made. He asked me to put a link to it on my site. I agreed, if he put one to mine. He did.
  • Bobman 200: Another site by the Your Mum in a Cage guy. Less dumb.

Assorted tweeps: @NickTheStatsGuy (me), @DennisCricket_ (Dennis Freedman), @Cricketbatcat (Cat Jones)



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